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This human experience is the most amazing thing. It’s like a manifestation wedged between two mysteries: a beautiful magical physical

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    I have a love of any style of Yoga but Ishta is my firm favourite. I have been doing yoga for nearly 20yrs and studied teacher training several years ago. It’s such an important part of my life. I can’t imagine life without yoga. I teach Vinyasa, Flow and Yin at EmbodiMe. I like to bring fun & lightness into yoga coupled with relaxation. Life can be challenging sometimes and we can learn so much about how to navigate our challenges on the mat. It is so amazing to watch people learn about how strong they are while at the same time being gentle and able to be happy on their life’s journey. My students inspire me in every class I teach. I’d love you to join me in class.


    I have practiced yoga since my early twenties and found it intertwined with my professional  life as an archaeologist and museum curator. The two complemented each other. I found yoga, like archaeology, helps us to learn from our past, strengthen our present and help build for our future. I always wanted to study to be a yoga instructor and finally in 2017 I commenced my dream and graduated from Tamara Yoga in 2019. I found that I had entered a whole new journey with endless opportunities for spiritual healing and growth. Currently I’m focusing, under Paul Grilley, on the functional approach to yoga anatomy and yin yoga and applying it into the practice of yoga asana. It’s not just about becoming a yoga teacher; it’s a way of life.
    I teach Power Vinyasa, Meridian Flow and Yin classes at EmbodiMe. I encourage my students to take yoga from the studio into their everyday life.  I like to think that my yoga classes are also playful and fun. There are far too many serious things going on in our lives – live for the moment and enjoy! I have a partner, three children (what were we thinking!) and a very nice dog called Alan Rickman.

    Liz (founder)

    In my approach to working with people, I combine Eastern and Western modalities.

    I am an experienced yoga teacher who has studied under some of the most influential teachers of our time, including Alan Finger (Creator and Owner of ISHTA Yoga from New York), Sarah Platt-Finger (Deepak Chopra’s Yoga Teacher), Mona Anand (Creator of ISHTA Yoga Nidra), Paul Grilley (Creator of Yin Yoga), Jo Phee (Creator of Yinspiration and Senior Assistant to Paul Grilley), Leslie Kaminoff (Author of Yoga Anatomy and Founder of the Breathing Project, New York), Donna Fahri (Author and Teacher Trainer) and Seane Corn (Co-Founder of ‘Off the Mat and Into the World’, author of ‘Revolution of the Soul’).

    I have specialities in Functional Anatomy, Meridian Theory from the practice of Chinese Medicine, Myofascial Therapy, Reiki, Tantric Philosophy and Meditation and I am certified with Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia.

    Prior to studying the Eastern Traditions, I worked for Mission Australia managing the Northern Corridor programs in Western Australia. These programs included Youth and Family Counselling, Supported Housing Assistance and Pathways Projects.

    Pathways Projects was a groundbreaking early intervention crime prevention program for 0 – 5 year old children and their families which I developed in partnership with the Institute for Child Health Research, Griffith University, the WA Office of Crime Prevention and the Department for Education. The aim of the project was to create an integrated approach to service provision for the children and their families which was embedded into the local schools. This approach helped to build a rapport between the families and educational services while assessing and providing appropriate interventions to the children and support services to the families.

    I won a 40under40 WA Business News award for my contribution to the development of Pathways Projects. I also spent time as the Acting Manager of the Mission Australia Inpatient Youth Withdrawal and Respite Centre, working in conjunction with Addiction Specialists, Psychologists, Social Workers and Youth Workers.

    I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree (High Distinction & Vice Chancellor’s List), a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, a Masters in Counselling (current), a Certificate in Dr Pat Ogden’s Sensoriomotor Psychotherapy (current) and a Certificate in Integrated Trauma Healing Therapy.

    I consider myself so fortunate to have been able to study Integrated Trauma Healing Therapy with Dr Casey Terry who studied under many of the world’s leading trauma therapists, including Pat Ogden, Peter Levine and Bessel Van De Kolk. Working with trauma’s influence on the nervous system is a highly specialised area and one where profound changes can occur. It’s a privilege to witness people begin to find safety in their bodies again: this alone can change their lives.

    Life is always going to have adversity. To be able to anchor deeply into our inner self and make decisions from courage, love and integrity is powerful beyond measure.

    I continue my professional development through regular supervision sessions, ongoing study in the field of trauma and physiology and my Masters program. I participate in two IoPT (Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy) intensive weekends each year and I am committed to my own personal healing journey.

    I am a mother of three incredible children who inspire me to live each day in my truth (they tell me if I’m not 🙂 ).

    I am very engaged with my life. I have a deep spiritual practice which is embedded in working toward being as present as possible in my human path. Throughout my life I have had major accomplishments, huge stumbles…and everything in-between. I have had days where I’ve felt bigger than the entire universe and other days where I‘ve felt I am as delicate as feather caught in a tornado. But through it all, I have found the pure magic inherent in embracing adversity, feeling into the depths of my humanness and I have fallen deeply in love with being alive.

    EmbodiMe is the culmination of all the modalities that have helped me to embrace this deeply human experience and in doing so I’ve found the most profound embodied inspiration and reason for being.

    I love sharing my work with the world.

    xox Liz