About EmbodiMe

Imagine feeling completely happy in your own body?

Safe, secure, joyful and inspired to live the life you want.

EmbodiMe can help you to find this. It is an approach to healing that helps you release layers of pain, stress and anxiety held in your nervous system and reconnect you to the joy of being alive.

Our philosophy is that you are essentially full of joy and magic.

Sometimes life’s stressors can make you forget your essence. You may get glimpses of it, small reminders, such as when you are watching a beautiful sunset or laughing with your friends, but if you live more in stress than in joy then we’d love to support you to reconnect into your beautiful essence.

Life can be challenging, perplexing, painful and confusing. It is also full of inspiration, love and laughter.

EmbodiMe can help you to remember you. Your deepest self. Your true nature. Your pure heart.

This is life changing.

We are a team of yoga teachers, therapists and coaches dedicated to helping you to live the life you truly desire.