being human

This human experience is the most amazing thing. It’s like a manifestation wedged between two mysteries: a beautiful magical physical form that we are on this earth with no proof of what we were before our conception or what we might be after we die. We can ponder, but ultimately we don’t know.

What we do know is what we have right now. A beautiful body that is known by yogis as the ‘Temple of our Soul’.

A beautiful body that we have for this lifetime and who knows how long that lifetime will be?

Many times in different spiritual followings I have heard that the idea of having a spiritual practice is so that you can transcend your body. I’ve never understood this. Logically, why would we have a body if we were meant to transcend it?

What if the whole point of being in a human form is to be as human as we can be? To deeply embrace everything the world offers us? From the highs to the lows and everything in between. What if, by exploring the depths of our humanness, we enter the greatest spiritual experiences we will know?

Martin Luther King Jr said that ‘Only in the darkness can you see the stars’. It’s one of my favourite quotes. It resonates so deeply with me because it’s been in the darkest times of my life, when I have felt totally and utterly broken, that I have really met and understood the divinity that exists within me.

It’s an expansive, deep silence that seems to breathe and pulsate. It’s timeless, weightless and effortless. It’s everything and nothing at the same time. It’s home.

The only thing that stops us from experiencing this incredible magic in every moment of every day is ourselves: our survival strategies, our desires to ‘fit in’, to be what we are not; our resistance to seeing ourselves as we really are; our reticence to dive into our own human depths for fear of the darkness we may experience.

I don’t know what you eat, how long you’ve meditated for, what time you get up in the morning, whether you drink coffee, green tea, celery juice or tequila, whether you eat breakfast or not, whether you’re married, divorced, single, rich, poor or even if you think you’ve been abducted by aliens. And honestly, I don’t care. About any of it.

I just want to know if you can meet me as a human being. With all our life’s ups and downs. Can you laugh with me? Can you weep with me? Can you just be? Because I’m not scared of your darkness.

I’ll hold your hand while you dive in, embrace the darkness., find your stars and go home.

Being human. Wholeheartedly.

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    I have a love of any style of Yoga but Ishta is my firm favourite. I have been doing yoga for nearly 20yrs and studied teacher training several years ago. It’s such an important part of my life. I can’t imagine life without yoga. I teach Vinyasa, Flow and Yin at EmbodiMe. I like to bring fun & lightness into yoga coupled with relaxation. Life can be challenging sometimes and we can learn so much about how to navigate our challenges on the mat. It is so amazing to watch people learn about how strong they are while at the same time being gentle and able to be happy on their life’s journey. My students inspire me in every class I teach. I’d love you to join me in class.


    I have practiced yoga since my early twenties and found it intertwined with my professional  life as an archaeologist and museum curator. The two complemented each other. I found yoga, like archaeology, helps us to learn from our past, strengthen our present and help build for our future. I always wanted to study to be a yoga instructor and finally in 2017 I commenced my dream and graduated from Tamara Yoga in 2019. I found that I had entered a whole new journey with endless opportunities for spiritual healing and growth. Currently I’m focusing, under Paul Grilley, on the functional approach to yoga anatomy and yin yoga and applying it into the practice of yoga asana. It’s not just about becoming a yoga teacher; it’s a way of life.
    I teach Power Vinyasa, Meridian Flow and Yin classes at EmbodiMe. I encourage my students to take yoga from the studio into their everyday life.  I like to think that my yoga classes are also playful and fun. There are far too many serious things going on in our lives – live for the moment and enjoy! I have a partner, three children (what were we thinking!) and a very nice dog called Alan Rickman.

    Liz (founder)

    Hello xo it’s so great to have you here. 

    I founded EmbodiMe, but I don’t feel like I’m solely responsible for its creation.

    Rather, I feel like my life has been what it has in order for me to learn how to impart these teachings, which are steeped in ancient wisdom and proven by modern day science.

    Let me explain.

    My life as a child and a young adult was marked with significant traumas. From institutional rape to medical traumas and a lot in between, I have experienced a lot. 

    I have also suffered from the ailments that arise from trauma: anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, nervous system dysregulation, eating disorders, substance abuse, suicidal tendencies, self harm, headaches, leaky gut, stomach aches, back issues, jaw issues, skin problems, and more. 

    I worked so hard in many different types of therapy, bodywork, yoga, meditation, breathwork, trauma therapy, IoPT, counselling, you name it, to heal myself.

    I knew deep down that life could be full of joy and freedom. It was something I believed in my soul.

    I also knew innately that life could be lived with joy and freedom on the physical plane; that the world was full of beauty and here to be enjoyed as a human being.

    I didn’t want to transcend myself in order to be happy. Transcendence just didn’t make sense to me: why would I be embodied if I was meant to leave my body to find peace? 

    It was when the inspiration came to create EmbodiMe that I started to gain a deeper understanding of why I went through so much.

    You see, EmbodiMe is the culmination of everything that I studied and learned over the last 30 years in order to heal myself from all my trauma. 

    I have infused it into movement, meditation and mindfulness to create an approach to healing that is deeply embodied: we use our bodies as a medium to stabilise ourselves, find our innate inner joy and heal ourselves.

    The science is in: we know that working with our body is the key to creating lasting change in our lives; healing ourselves in this way actually alters our physiology and our neurology.

    You are your best healing tool. You have everything you need inside you to live the life you want to live.

    Step into yourself. Embrace your humanness and everything life has to offer.

    You are a living miracle.  It’s time to remember why you came here.

    Love and hugs, Liz