Online Studio

Practicing classes in your own space and time can create profound healing.

Our Online Studio is a remarkable place.

It’s a junction of healing and playfulness; of strength and gentleness; of power and vulnerability; all in your own time and at your own pace.

Is about our journey into self, which is the most powerful journey we make.

Some students find that when they are in our own space, their own homes, they are better able to focus on their own needs and what serves their body, mind and spirit during a practice.

Perhaps you too find that if you have other bodies around you, your awareness can rest on your proximity to them rather than your journey into self. Our nervous systems can start to co-regulate with people around us rather than resonating with our own needs.

When we can focus on getting to know our own nervous system and thus rest our awareness within during our practice, the myriad benefits such as anti-aging, stress relieving, hormone regulating, immune strengthening, increased mindfulness, and heaps more can become available to us far more easily.

Our teachers are trained in the delivery of incredible online classes. The classes are personable, accessible, playful, soulful and deeply respectful of the individual needs.

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