Somatic Therapy

We now know that overwhelming stress leaves an imprint in our physiology; in our body.

Which can create
· anxiety and or depression
· accelerated aging
· panic attacks
· chronic irritation
· addictions
· difficulty concentrating
· unhelpful thoughts
· sleeplessness
· headaches
· reduced immune system function
· and a whole range of physical, mental and emotional stressors

Liz McComish is trauma trained and specialises in nervous system regulation. Through Somatic Therapy, she can support you to find safety and peace within your body, access the physiological imprint of stress and help you to gently, respectfully and lovingly release it. 

Clients find that this healing positively alters the way in which they see themselves and their reality. It can improve their health, relationships, work, family life and more. It is also a powerful adjunct to psychotherapy. Liz regularly works in conjunction with Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors and many other practitioners to support clients’ healing pathways.

If you are struggling to find inspiration and joy in your life, Somatic Therapy may be a great support for you. 

‘Liz has an approach which is built on a solid foundation of knowledge on how we hold trauma in our bodies. Liz guides and supports clients to release trauma from their body through somatic therapy – assisting clients to begin to feel safe in their bodies again. I wholeheartedly recommend Liz’s therapeutic approach’ – Emily, Psychologist