Courses and Workshops

EmbodiMe specialist courses and workshops focus on the impact of stress and trauma on our whole self.

They are informed by the most up to date research into the way stress and trauma affect our physiology and in turn impacts us us on the entire physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. 

Our body really does keep the score of everything that happens in our lives and we can work with our physiology to heal in so many ways. It’s very powerful and inspiring.

The courses and workshops address many issues, including the following:

- Anxiety
- Depression
- Inflammation
- Auto-Immune Diseases
- Emotional Regulation
- Headaches
- Sleep disturbances
- Muscle Tension
- Digestion
- Chronic Pain
- Grief, Anger, Sadness, Joy
And many more

Unlimited Members gain complimentary access to the courses and workshops monthly.  Please check out our Pricing and Memberships Options. 
Alternatively, individual courses and/or workshops can be purchased for AU$78.00. 
Our Online Booking System is under construction. Please check back soon if you would to attend our Specialised Courses or Workshops.