Yin Yoga. Profound in its simplicity. Incredulous in its possibility. Your body would love to meet you there.

Life can be beautiful, mysterious, creative, wondrous, fun and adventurous. It can also be a complex collection of rabbit holes that lead us into the deepest and most painful aspects of our self.

Sometimes we can sense into where we are in time and space with ease and other times we can be surprised with the forceful pull of the darkness.

And at the same time, life requires us to hold it together, to meet its requirements, to pay our bills, to do the washing, clean the house, help with homework, service the car, feed the pets, the list goes on and on and on and on.

During my marriage breakdown there were many times that I felt completely overwhelmed with grief. So much so that my body would go heavy and limp, my lungs struggled to fill with breath and my rib cage felt as if it was squeezing shut. Yet I had to keep moving, keep going, somehow breathe: I had children to tend to, their pain to hold and deep financial concerns. I felt that I couldn’t just drop everything and be with my grief. I just had to put one foot in front of the other and keep it together.

It’s not plausible to always be with the entirety of our emotions in the present moment. That’s part of the adulting contract. As children we can move our bodies in sync with the energy streaking through our cells. As adults, life and all its social expectations gets in the way of us being able to be in our raw humanness; of us being able to embrace the depth of our being with reckless abandon in every moment.

So we repress them, tuck them away, take a breath and continue on as best we can. And our body lovingly meets our needs and holds the physiological response for us. But over time, this holding can become arduous, exhausting and it impedes the flow of energy through our cells. The heaviness and tightness can impact on our desire to embrace life.

So what can we do? Can we reclaim our vitality? Our cellular freedom?

We can. By edging gently, slowly and lovingly into our bodies. By melting through the layers of holding on and meeting everything we are underneath with total acceptance, we begin to integrate the experiences that were too overwhelming to process at the time and in doing so we build an inner resilience that enables us to be both emotionally present and ‘adult’ and release our bodies from potentially eons of holding on.  

Chinese Meridian Theory teaches us that when entering our body’s vast wisdom of experience, the most subtle reorganisation of our life force, or Qi, is the most powerful. It’s not about punishing ourselves, pushing
ourselves, judging ourselves or criticising our bodies. It’s about offering the platform for our bodies to release all that they’ve been carrying so we can live with lightness and grace.

Yin Yoga holds the space for this transformational power of Qi. In fact, it’s so powerful that it’s magical. I am humbled to witness students meeting their essence within class. And the meeting occurs simply when the teacher can rhythmically sequence postures that release impeded energy and the student has the intention of trusting their body and then allowing their breath to melt the layers of held stress.

Profound in its simplicity. Incredulous in its possibility.

Your body would love to meet you there.

EmbodiMe Yin Yoga
Wednesdays, 9.15am – 10.30am
The North Fremantle Community Centre
1 Thompson Rd, North Fremantle

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    I have a love of any style of Yoga but Ishta is my firm favourite. I have been doing yoga for nearly 20yrs and studied teacher training several years ago. It’s such an important part of my life. I can’t imagine life without yoga. I teach Vinyasa, Flow and Yin at EmbodiMe. I like to bring fun & lightness into yoga coupled with relaxation. Life can be challenging sometimes and we can learn so much about how to navigate our challenges on the mat. It is so amazing to watch people learn about how strong they are while at the same time being gentle and able to be happy on their life’s journey. My students inspire me in every class I teach. I’d love you to join me in class.


    I have practiced yoga since my early twenties and found it intertwined with my professional  life as an archaeologist and museum curator. The two complemented each other. I found yoga, like archaeology, helps us to learn from our past, strengthen our present and help build for our future. I always wanted to study to be a yoga instructor and finally in 2017 I commenced my dream and graduated from Tamara Yoga in 2019. I found that I had entered a whole new journey with endless opportunities for spiritual healing and growth. Currently I’m focusing, under Paul Grilley, on the functional approach to yoga anatomy and yin yoga and applying it into the practice of yoga asana. It’s not just about becoming a yoga teacher; it’s a way of life.
    I teach Power Vinyasa, Meridian Flow and Yin classes at EmbodiMe. I encourage my students to take yoga from the studio into their everyday life.  I like to think that my yoga classes are also playful and fun. There are far too many serious things going on in our lives – live for the moment and enjoy! I have a partner, three children (what were we thinking!) and a very nice dog called Alan Rickman.

    Liz (founder)

    Hello xo it’s so great to have you here. 

    I founded EmbodiMe, but I don’t feel like I’m solely responsible for its creation.

    Rather, I feel like my life has been what it has in order for me to learn how to impart these teachings, which are steeped in ancient wisdom and proven by modern day science.

    Let me explain.

    My life as a child and a young adult was marked with significant traumas. From institutional rape to medical traumas and a lot in between, I have experienced a lot. 

    I have also suffered from the ailments that arise from trauma: anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, nervous system dysregulation, eating disorders, substance abuse, suicidal tendencies, self harm, headaches, leaky gut, stomach aches, back issues, jaw issues, skin problems, and more. 

    I worked so hard in many different types of therapy, bodywork, yoga, meditation, breathwork, trauma therapy, IoPT, counselling, you name it, to heal myself.

    I knew deep down that life could be full of joy and freedom. It was something I believed in my soul.

    I also knew innately that life could be lived with joy and freedom on the physical plane; that the world was full of beauty and here to be enjoyed as a human being.

    I didn’t want to transcend myself in order to be happy. Transcendence just didn’t make sense to me: why would I be embodied if I was meant to leave my body to find peace? 

    It was when the inspiration came to create EmbodiMe that I started to gain a deeper understanding of why I went through so much.

    You see, EmbodiMe is the culmination of everything that I studied and learned over the last 30 years in order to heal myself from all my trauma. 

    I have infused it into movement, meditation and mindfulness to create an approach to healing that is deeply embodied: we use our bodies as a medium to stabilise ourselves, find our innate inner joy and heal ourselves.

    The science is in: we know that working with our body is the key to creating lasting change in our lives; healing ourselves in this way actually alters our physiology and our neurology.

    You are your best healing tool. You have everything you need inside you to live the life you want to live.

    Step into yourself. Embrace your humanness and everything life has to offer.

    You are a living miracle.  It’s time to remember why you came here.

    Love and hugs, Liz